Aust Day Event | Porepunkah Bridge Holiday Park
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Aust Day Event

Aust Day Event

Aust Day Live Music Event

We love hosting live music events over busy weekends, here at Porepunkah Bridge, and Aust. Day is one of those weekends! On Saturday 26th January join us on the river for our Aust Day Music Event and for some very Aussie activities for the adults and kids.We thought about what it means to be Australian and we have come up with these fun activities we think everyone will enjoy:

For the Adults – Throw the Thong.  Although there are “official rules” basically you kick off your thongs {flip-flop type}, stand behind a line, and then throw your thong as far as you can. The person who throws their tong the farthest wins.

Three-legged Race.  2 participants complete a race with the left leg of one runner strapped to the right leg of another runner.  The main aim is to finish the race without falling over!

For the Kids –Egg & Spoon race.  Participants must balance an egg on a spoon and race with it to the finish line.

Three-legged Race.  See above.

Water balloon throwing.  Basically this is a free for all with water balloons.

Finally it wouldn’t be Australia Day without a good old Sausage Sizzle {and a few veggie burgers too}. Live music will be from 6pm down on the river with Adam Lindsey.  Adam is a talented local singer who is known for his relaxed, acoustic covers.  Adam is also happy sharing the mic with any up and coming rockstars amongst you all.

See you all there Saturday – Rock on Australia!

From Porepunkah Bridge