Fishing | Porepunkah Bridge Holiday Park
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Bright and surrounds, with its pristine waters, is sure to cater for all your fishing desires, whether it’s fly fishing in rivers and streams or Alpine angling in lakes and reservoirs.



Fishing in the North-east Victorian Alpine country has got to be one of the most peaceful and tranquil adventures you can undertake. The area is largely untouched and you can disappear for hours at a time without seeing a soul.



The main rivers of Ovens, Buffalo and Buckland flow in wide valleys of cleared farmland surrounded by mountains. High annual rainfall and granite rocks in the mountains result in clear, fast flowing, clear water rivers and tributaries. These support good self-sustaining populations of blackfish and brown trout.  Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout, Freshwater crayfish and yabbies can also be found in the mountain streams.



Access to almost all rivers is excellent with good fly fishing possible without extensive walking.

Recommended fishing spots in the area:

Ovens River

Why not cast a line in the Ovens River, while staying in our Park?!!  Our park is well known by locals for its good supply! Floating down the gentle rapids on a tube, or fossicking for coloured pebbles or maybe even a little gold dust in the shallows of the river. Go for a swim or read a book under a shady tree while dangling your feet, and rod in the water….don’t mind if i do…


In Bright itself, near the kid’s playground is a great place to start. You can fish on the river in Bright while the kids play on the water park adjacent. The Bright Brewery is directly opposite so perfect for lunch in the afternoon.

Mt Buffalo - Lake Catani

Mt Buffalo – Lake Catani – a great spot for kids who will be almost guaranteed to catch something. Red Fin is a popular fish to that area.  For a spectacle it is great to go there in winter, you can fish whilst having the background covered in snow.


If you are looking for a 100% fail safe option, you could take a short trip to Harrietville to the trout farm. The farm provides a chance to catch Salmon, Rainbow and Brown Trout, and is another great option for the whole family.

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