Nature and Wildlife | Porepunkah Bridge Holiday Park
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Nature and Wildlife

The High Country is a great place to see wildlife in its natural habitat. Platypus frequent the banks of the Ovens River, and are often seen in our park! In summer you may encounter swamp wallabies, wombats, echidnas and possums. Wombats can even be found in the middle of winter ambling across the snow looking for a patch of grass to feed on.  Rare or threatened wildlife including the mountain Pygmy-possum, the world’s only exclusively alpine marsupial, also inhabit the region.



Patient observers will be rewarded with chance meetings with kangaroos, deer and bats which can be seen foraging at night. There are also some reclusive emus and alpine dingoes living in the alps, but they are rarely seen as they stay out of sight when humans are in the vicinity. Many species of mammal are endemic to the Alps, including the Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby.



Why not walk or hike on one of the trails at Mt Buffalo? These walks are well sign posted and give you an amazing view of the region as you make your way along the winding trails.  It is a perfect opportunity to get active and relax your mind, while being at one with nature, and wildlife in all its glory.

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